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Yaout is a new and exciting scheduling platform that is revolutionizing the way small businesses book client appointments. Yaout aims to be a complete package for client management by allowing business owners an incredibly simple way to manage client schedules, calenders, reminders, staff and much more.

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Denver, Colorado


Bly aims to be both an online travel and shopping destination. As a store, Bly debuts a carefully curated collection of art, objects and textiles from the world's most far flung bazaars and markets. As a travel site, Bly's philosophy is that the soul of a city lives on its streets and to experience a city, one must wander its streets, shop its markets, sample its food and explore its art.

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San Fransisco, California


Aaroe is the preeminent real estate firm in selected affluent markets in Beverly Hills and throughout Southern California. Creating an exceptional real estate site is much more than pretty pictures of homes (although that really helps). With Aaroe, clients can find their perfect home in a elegant and intuitive interface.

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Beverly Hills, California

Notre Dame

Established in 1949, the University of Notre Dame Press is the largest Catholic university press in the world, and a scholarly publisher of distinguished books in a number of academic disciplinesThe University of Notre Dame Press Publishes in many fields, but especially in religion, philosophy, medieval studies, and Irish studies.

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South Bend, Indiana

Ruby Rags

As a fun side project of the Littlelines team, we continue to run and optimize our own e-commerce store. It began as a simple Ruby on Rails application in 2006 and has since grown into a comprehensive online shopping experience. It's a great platform for our team to test new technologies and experiment with the latest design trends.

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Dayton, Ohio


Sliqr is a great way to track your web presences such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and stay on top of your personal brand. Sliqr allows you to see how your friends and followers stats stack up to everyone else or specific groups. In addition, you can track your web presence over time to see how far you've come.

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Los Angeles, California

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"Matt is a top-notch developer and paired with his brother Josh's design skills they make for a double whammy. Gorgeous work, fast turn around and a great sense of humor to boot.
Andrew Wilkinson, Founder, MetaLab
"You don't come across a tandem like this very often. They did a great job from start to finish in a personable manner, thinking along the way and genuinely caring."
Dirk Stevens, Co-Founder, Wondergraphs
"Littlelines are by far the best development shop we have worked with this year, and we have worked with almost a dozen.
Trapper Markelz Head of Products, Daily Challenge
"Littlelines provided top-notch service and walked us through some of the more technical aspects of building a website when we had questions.
Wilfred Stegeman, Founder, SchedJoules