We're a different kind of web design & development company.

Above all, we believe in building exceptional products for our clients.

What we're made of

Nestled in the midwest, we have happy clients from all over the world, from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, California. This whole thing got started in 2007 and as rewarding as our history has been, it’s the future we’re most excited about. Each member of our team is here not only because they're ridiculously talented--but because they love what they do.
Matt Sears
Matt Sears was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. He spent most of his childhood drawing and painting. He ventured into the digital world by earning a degree in computer science and business. He founded Littlelines with his brother, Josh, in 2007. A proud Ruby on Rails engineer, these days Matt strives to combine the high-tech with the aesthetically pleasing. When he is not running Littlelines like a pro he enjoys bike rides with his lady and sharing Instagram shots of his dogs Simon and Griffin.
Chris McCord
Lead Developer
Chris began his programming career writing Pacman games on his Texas Instruments calculator in the eighth grade. Ready for the big screen, he soon moved on to computers, creating a flash game website at the age of sixteen. After earning his bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he joined the Littlelines team as a Ruby on Rails programmer. Away from the office, he enjoys science fiction novels, snowboarding, probably too many chick-flicks, and staying up to date on the latest tools of the trade.
Nate Sowder
Managing Director
Nate is our strategic (but not always logical) thinker with a passion for using technology for good. A former student of the capital markets, he uses his business understanding to come along side our developers to turn technical requirements into applications that work like greased lightening.
In his free time, you'll either find him on the bike path making the wheels fall off his '76 Schwinn, or supporting his favorite Premier League club, Arsenal.
Ricardo Thompson
Creative Director
Ricardo has been doodling for as long as he could hold a pencil. Early on he developed a passion for it that eventually lead him into a career in graphic design. Upon graduating college he found his way into the digital world after having a chance to join a design firm as a web designer. Since then he has spent his days pushing pixels, thinking through complex user interaction, and polishing user interfaces and experiences. When not behind the screen, Ricardo is an avid runner and enjoys the great outdoors with his wife and two sons.
David Stump
Lead Developer
David has been enthused about programming since he was little -- tinkering with AppleScript to make games, quizzes for his Dad's lectures, and other tiny applications. As he grew up, his hobby of software development turned into a passion and career. He earned a bachelor's degree in Electronic Media and a minor in Public Relations from Butler University. He went on to earn his master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University. David has worked in a wide variety of settings throughout the industry including startups, agencies and consulting firms. David and his wife Gwyn enjoy spending time with their son Alex, going to Butler basketball games and traveling around the world.
Josh Sears
Consulting Designer / PaperTelevision
Josh Sears grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and credits the art of graphic novels as much as posters by Alphonse Mucha for steering him onto the artistic path. After working as Visual Marketing Manager at Scott Hull Associates, he would go on to found PaperTelevision , where he creates mobile apps and websites. In his spare time, Josh can be found nostalgically perusing flea markets for vintage comic books, along with various and assorted specimens of '80s gadgetry.
Beth Morris
UI/UX Designer
Beth gravitated towards the arts as a child. In high school, she was drawn toward any career involving making things look great. When she decided to go to design school, she started getting books from the library on color and layout. Beth began with a humanities degree and then went on to graduate valedictorian of her art school. When Beth's not designing, she enjoys nature walks, long boarding with her husband, and playing Settlers of Catan with friends.
Kevin Jones-Evans
Ruby Apprentice
Kevin started programming at an early age when he was given a Pascal book. This sparked his passion for learning and computers which made him an avid gamer and tinkerer. Kevin received his bachelor degree from in Computer Science in 2011. While in school Kevin was introduced to his future wife, software design, Ruby and subsequently Ruby on Rails. Since college he has worked on several software projects but never has had the chance to professionally work with Ruby until now. When Kevin is not at a computer he can be found running with his wife, playing with his cats, or catching up with friends.
Dustin Armstrong
Dustin tried his hand at any medium of art available through his youth. In high school, he began taking electives in graphic design and building websites for himself. As a graduate from the School of Advertising Art in 2009, he entered the field as a web designer but found a passion for web development. He now spends his time pushing web standards, and being an advocate for clean code. After hours, he's playing music, biking, or hoarding cats.
Jesse Herrick
Jesse started making websites in middle school and has since fallen in love with programming Ruby. He's passionate about learning new things and thinking outside of the box. When he's not programming he's either acting in a theatre production or singing in his acappella group. He also writes for SitePoint and his personal blog

Made in the Midwest

We're located in Ohio, but we have clients on both coasts and everywhere in between. Stop by and visit us!

We give back to the development community

You know what they say: the highest level of learning is teaching. We do that, too. Whether it's by speaking at conferences or hosting meet-ups, we like to get involved.
Dayton Ruby Brigade
We established the Dayton Ruby community meet-up, which is a group of programmers, students, and technology enthusiasts who are excited about the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails web framework. We designed the community page for daytonrb.com and host the monthly gathering at our headquarters.
Rails Rumble
Rails Rumble is a distributed programming competition that Littlelines participated in that gave teams 48 hours to build an innovative web application with Ruby on Rails or another Rack-based Ruby web framework. Check out our entry: floatt.me
Dayton Clean Code
Dayton Clean Code is a meet-up that Littlelines helps host once a month that provides an environment to teach, learn, and experiment with software development patterns, practices, and tools for creating high quality software.
Speaking Engagements
Our founder Matt Sears has been developing Ruby and contributing to the Ruby community for a few years now and this year he'll be taking on some new roles in the community by way of speaking at a few conferences. Wish him luck using our contact form.
Open Hack Meet Up
Open Hack is a meet-up with one purpose: code together, on anything. Littlelines hosts this event on the first Thursday of every month to get programmers of any experience level together to code.
Conference Sponsorships
Through the years, it has been our privilege as a Ruby development shop to proudly sponsor various Ruby activities and conferences with the Ruby community. We love this language and do what we can to contribute and support its growth.